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Asphalt 9: Legends by Gameloft
« on: July 26, 2018, 02:13:30 am »
Asphalt 9: Legends by Gameloft
Free, 1.5gig, online required, facebook optional

Asphalt is one of the app stores franchises thats been around almost as long as the App Store itself. It dates back to a time when mobile device gaming was considered to the establishment a worthless platform for any serious high quality gaming. Game loft back in those days was a mobile pioneer who made it a personal mission to clone the games of pc/console/handheld developers who thumbs downed mobile gaming. Back in this day this was a mostly serious enthusiast racing simulator.

Now a days? Itís more arcade than simulator but it does that extremely well and its a lot of fun. The big change with 9 would be its default control scheme. This games control scheme may just be the single most mobile racing control scheme in the entire world... The car hands acceleration/braking and steering. You are responsible for nitrous, drifting and lane changes. Drifting, jumping ramps, hitting other cars, lane changing into nitro refills all refil your nitrous. Nitrous makes the jumps further, and when in nitro mode you can explode your opponent racers by hitting them. Itís extremely arcade, but a whole lot of fun.

Oh and for those who hate this driving system the traditional tilt steering and arrows exist in options. Personally? I could see this new system as highly appealing to CSR players Who also give up vehicle handling in favor of system controls.

In the game youíll be doing short burst racing, most tracks last about 45 seconds. Completing races grants you cards, cash and parts. Cards are necessary to unlock and upgrade the quality of the cars. Cash is used to upgrade the various aspects of your cars. Parts are optionally added to car upgrades for even better improvements. The only energy system present is in your vehicles fuel. Have to wait a bit or spend a bit if your vehicle is out. Nothing stopping you from driving other cars in your garage though...

Career mode is large and well... yea its really big. Career mode unlocks a large portion of the vehicles as you play. Along side that there are daily events to keep you occupied as well as multiplayer with full ranking, leaderboards and rewards for performance. Multiplayer is live, your not racing bots.

The game has clubs, which are pretty much guilds where you and fellow drivers will contribute (via gameplay) to a rank system in the club that unlocks various awards.

The game has the full suite of real money options of course. 1.99usd right on up to 100 dollars if your pocket is deep enough. The only timers are vehicle fuel and vehicle tickets (tickets are consumed when doing the daily events).

Itís a fun one and its free, I havenít hit any pay walls yet so thumbs up for that.