Author Topic: Disgaea 1 & 2 for PC  (Read 908 times)

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Disgaea 1 & 2 for PC
« on: March 28, 2017, 10:30:39 pm »
In a moment of weakness, I've gone out and bought Disgaea 1 (for the 3rd time, PSP, DS and now PC) and Disgaea 2 (for the 2nd time, PSP and now PC).  I'm consoled in the fact that this time it is for the PC and I'll be able to play Disgaea to death in a fashion that is less painful to my hands.  (I swear that evolution is going to think we need claws from grasping controllers all day.  My cramped mousing hand says, "Shush!")  (No, my eventual plans to buy a Surface Pro has nothing to do with being able to play Disgaea 1, Disgaea 2 and other RPGs wherever I feel like it.)

They do have a bundle for you to buy 1 & 2 together. 

This is a strategy JRPG so, let's get ready to .. GRIND. 

I'm not kidding, the amount of grinding in this game is insane.  You level up characters only to reincarnate them into better versions of the class they are in.  You level their weapon skills to unlock better attacks.  As you unlock better versions of some classes you unlock brand new classes.  You level up weapon by grinding in the weapon itself.  Want to make your sword stronger?  Go into the sword and clear levels to level it up. 

I remember for Disgaea 1, an class with an S sword skill was needed to get leveled to the point they had the powerful 3x3 grid attack.  You could then continuously clear the same map over and over again to level the character.  Why? Because you can make the game more and more difficult to unlock other features. 

Basically, if you want to lose your life in a game, Disgaea is for you.  If you do not want to lose your life in a game, you should still take the risk by playing Disgaea.  Why?  The humor.  (I think it is funny.  It may be a bit sophomoric at times, but it is still funny.)   Besides, you have exploding devil penguins!