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Gold Making Tips
« on: October 26, 2016, 02:23:04 pm »
1) Hero boost: Use Ashtasia for daily/weekly events. Her thief ability will net you an extra 20% gold.

2) Sell high: Only sell your crops at 3/4 star ratings. (also only use fertilizer on orchid fruit or mangos). PS. I tried saving all my crops for when I got the 400% profit card. It was so boring handing in these quest, that I never did it again (but it is an option too).

3) Double your blessing cards: I have to admit it took me a while to figure this out. Don't open your blessing cards until 60-90 minutes before daily reset. Then complete the daily event that will expire soon. This method allows you to open a second set of blessings cards at reset. What you are trying to accomplish is to increase chances for gold % cards for the weekly event (or skeleton daily). The weekly event is where the biggest gold payout is. It is possible to make more than the 400k cap on just the final battle with gold % boost cards. The key is to be patient. If your first set of blessing cards do not contain any gold % boosts, then wait another day. Basically, only open your second set if you already have gold % boost cards. Only do the weekly event if you have at least 75-100% gold boost cards in hand (sometimes 200% or more!).

4) Always open chests with ads: You are hoping to get 6 battle energy which equates to 12-20k gold. You can only get an ad chest every few minutes. So if you have multiple chests on your map, open one with ads then do arena or crusades. When you are finished the other chest will have the ad option again.

5) Open game every couple hours: It takes 2 hours to cap out battle energy at 6. After that you are wasting gold (and resources). So login every two hours to use those battle energys. I just raid twice....but if you are willing (and have the time)...manually completing battles one at a time with Ashtasia will increase your gold even more. Of course the more often you open the game, the more gold you can collect from buildings too. Also make sure to unlock all your free bonus battle energys.

6) Buy the bonus blessing card (and renew): 50% increase to gold the first time you buy it...then 60% if you renew. This is a huge boost. If you have the Flooz (or the $$), this will boost your gold income more than anything else. I think of it as two months of playing I will get 3 months worth of gold with this card (thus saving a month's worth of grinding).

Please reply below if you have any tips that I missed.
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