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Arena schedule proposals
« on: July 06, 2016, 06:56:14 pm »
Dear Godzilab team,

So it is notable that there will be another new featured arena hero called "Hikari" yet to debut in the arena. I can see that it'll likely be next week. It's nice to have new heroes and all. However, it's the schedule that makes no sense. Let's get to details:

There are currently 6 heroes in the arenas namely: Robin Hood, Cheery, Bruce, Musashi, Monki Pirato and Hikari. Each arena will be up for 6-7 days (varies). These heroes shuffle in successions. This would also mean that it will now take 5 weeks before we can have the chance to play a repeat arena. This itself is not sustainable.

To illustrate: Let's say, a player winning 10x Robin Hood medals in a particular week will now have to wait for another 5 weeks (35 days) before having a shot at another 10x Robin Hood medals. SO how long will it now take to rank 4 star of this hero? To rank 4 star (forget about 5 star, not plausible), players will need a total of 135x Robin Hood medals (10+15+30+80)

The estimate calculations are as below:
10x Robin hood medals to be won in a particular week

Therefore, 135 medals / 10 = 13.5 times (This is the number of arenas you need to win to accumulate to 135 Robin Hood Medals)

And for that to happen, player will have to wait for 13.5 X 35 days = 473 days (IT'S FREAKING MORE THAN A YEAR)

Please be rational Godzi, every players want to earn their favorite arena heroes and the time frame you guys have set is beyond sound.

Suggestions and proposed solutions:

1) Reduced the time limit of a given arena. Instead of running an arena per week, consider running 2 arenas per week. 3 days each and a day rest interval. It could be:

Monday: Robin Hood
Tuesday: Robin Hood
Wednesday: Robin Hood
Thursday: Rest day
Friday: Musashi
Saturday: Musashi

This gives players a shorter time frame to win repeated heroes in any arenas.


2) running 2 arenas simultaneously in a week. Running an old hero arena and a new hero arena.

For instance, there will be 2 arenas running at the same time. Robin Hood and Musashi. In that particular week, give players the choice to choose which arena to play. It is important to note that the players are only allowed to join ONE of these arenas. Once joined, they are unable to change which arena to play in in that particular week.

The good thing about this is that it will give the veterans the chance to go for newer heroes and newer players to go for older heroes. So it will not always be the veterans taking over the spots from the newbies. It is important to give different level of players a chance to win something in the arenas.

I am vet myself and I'm trying to suggest a situation that are more balanced for the veterans and also new players. Cheers
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