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Re: New Update!!!!
« Reply #45 on: June 24, 2016, 10:45:36 am »

I'm thinking of buying the 120 Flooz blessing card also. Since the Arena hero thing isn't something I want to spend flooz on, the blessing cards are begging to be bought  ::)


In other news, my Arena luck continues. But the new bosses aren't dropping stones much. I did get 4 Navarre fusions and upped my Excalibur bow, something I couldn't have dreamed before the stones.

Yeah, you guessed right. I'm going gaga about those fusion stones.

 ;D ;D ;D

I paid the 240 for the blessing card, btw.  It's three times the days for double the price. 

To me it was totally worth it to spend the Flooz on the blessing card because I also have no interest in the arena heroes chest at the moment.  They are cool and all, but I don't need to collect every hero. I have 27 heroes and I still need get the three regular heroes King, Furioso, and Noko. I only have three boats, almost all 5 star - but that's too many heroes for three boats anyway.

I haven't gotten a single fusion stone since that first day.  Bummer.  I normally have really bad luck with that though.  My Bugonaut relic drop rate feels about the same.  It takes me forever to collect those things, and I hate using coins to buy them.  Hey, I said something negative!  The Negative Nancys should be happy!

That's a good point. I'm close to 240 fl, very close. It's a good deal, those bonus blessing cards.

Yes, I don't see any use for all the heroes either. There's only a core bunch I use anyway. So, getting them can wait. I'd rather bulk up my ships some more.

Like the suck up that I am, have to say again I love the new bosses even though the drops are hard to come by. My favorite is that dog. He's the easiest to defeat also :D, although not so much to get the stone. He's the only one who hasn't given me a stone.


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Re: New Update!!!!
« Reply #46 on: June 24, 2016, 09:29:55 pm »
I think the new Premium Chest is worth trying. I got Bruce at the 2nd try although I got Monki the first try. Bruce has the strongest special skill attack power and as long as you attack the nose first, his nunchaku skill can finish off the boss' life fast! When I first saw that I had to be in the top 10 at the arena battles to get Bruce I was disheartened as that felt like an impossibility so I'm very happy to get the arena hero with flooz. It felt like it was worth the money. This is me, of course. Although I hope they include the previous arena heroes in the box too please!!