Author Topic: Frankenstein...It's Aliiive!! Well the thread is at least  (Read 5079 times)

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Re: Frankenstein...It's Aliiive!! Well the thread is at least
« Reply #60 on: November 19, 2015, 09:24:10 am »
Apropo to our readings, if I hadn't read the book recently, would have missed the joke:

From TNT's "The Librarians," season 2, episode 2, "And the Broken Staff"

Ezekiel Jones to Frankenstein's monster: (Holding up a cigarette lighter) Yah! Ha! Back, back, you. Ha! yah! Back.

EJ to Flynn Carson: Frankenstein's monster, he hates fire, right?

FC: In the movie, not the book.

EJ: There's a difference?

FM: I hold no hate for fire. My hate is reserved for those who abhor me, meaning thee, man, who fancies himself in the image of the divine and vilifies me as monster. (Blows out lighter)

EJ: Ok, there is a difference

FC: Original text. Very long winded.

FM: If you do not find my words concise, take my actions to be so. I was brought forth to kill thee.

FC: Actually, you were not brought forth to killed only because of despair...

(Tries hugging monster, suggesting plastic surgery and, with his power and agility, getting into sports where he would be very popular. Scene ends with FM hooking up on an online dating site via EJ's iPhone.)
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