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Forum Guide: Post Pictures Direct from iPad/iPhone to Forum
« on: February 21, 2013, 03:35:38 pm »
Here's how to post pictures directly from your iPad or iPhone to the forum without having to plug your device into a PC.

Before starting, make sure you have the following Apps installed (both are free):

PhotoShop Express*
(need to have registered an account on the photobucket website

Also, add a direct link to the forum onto your device -

*If you have iOS5 installed on your iDevice and do not need to crop your image at all, you will not need PhotoShop Express and you can skip steps 1-6.  Instead, you can start with opening Photobucket in step 7.

Once all that is in place -

1. Take your screen shot by holding down the home and lock button simultaneously.

2. Open up PS Express

3. Select photo - Saved photos - Select photo to work on

4. Select 'Crop' button in bottom left corner - Then Rotate - and turn picture 90 degrees with finger

5. Click 'OK' in bottom right corner

6. and then 'save' in top right corner (note: this saves a 2nd copy of the pic - it does not replace your original, this has to be deleted manually if you so wish).

7. Close PS Express and open Photobucket

8. Go to 'My Albums' on bottom task bar

9. Click on 'Upload' arrow on top task bar

10. Select Photo Library - Saved Photos - Click on one or more pics and they will start uploading immediately (progress bar on left side of screen).

11. Message 'There are no uploads in your queue' when upload is complete, so close the upload menu by again touching on the upload arrow.

12. Click on the picture you want to link to and it will open up full screen

13. Click on the 'links' icon on the top task bar

14. Tap on the IMG Code to copy the code to the clipboard

15. Open up Mojo-Farm forum and make your way to the thread where you want to place a picture

16. Click into the text box and then hold your finger in the box briefly - the 'Paste' bubble will then pop up

17. Tap the paste bubble for the IMG code to be placed in the text box.

18. Submit (or preview if you prefer) message and enjoy the pictures appearing in front of your very own eyes.

19. Pat yourself on the back and be pleased with your successful posting of a picture :D

**This guide originally was created and provided by FairyCodmother**
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